August 28th, 2008



Out the door! Flight is at 4, I arrive in Atlanta around 6:30. I'll be trudging through the line to get my badge shortly thereafter.

Follow me here, on Twitter, where I'll annoy people with updates while I wait for planes, and the occasional pics thrown up at Flickr to tease my eventual full blown pile of pics.

Oh holy crap, I almost left without my membership postcard thing.
Original Jean


I'm here!

I'm alone. =(

But I get to chill the room down as much as I want. ;)

Today was a comedy of errors. Almost forgot the most important document, my registration postcard. They probably coulda fixed me up fine, but I didn'[t want to find out the not so fun way. Went to the wrong side of the airport to try to find my bags, and baggage claim when you've got my eyes is already a nightmare. Got out of the MARTA station on the wrong side, so head to pay to get back in to go across to where I needed to be. Badge line was HUGE for a Thursday!! What the hell? That went smooth as butter though, and I popped upstairs and already got to see bot fieryredhead and Ruby Rocket. So my redhead quota was met for the day.