August 21st, 2008


Photoblog: Almost There...

Another batch of photos done, and there's only one more batch to go. I'm a sad Jason.

Oh wait, I'll have Dragon*Con photos soon enough. @.@

Mostly Marvel's Secret Invasion panel, and scenery pictures, but I got some night time shots of San Diego which I absolutely adore. Someone make me go outside the hotels in Atlanta some time, so I can get some there, too!

I never get a chance to try my hand at night photos here, since there's nothing around, so that was a real treat, and an unexpected highlight. I learn a little more about my camera every con.


Oh, Jeopardy

I'm watching the first part of their high school finals, I think...

The clue comes up, about the Burning Crusade, mentions Blood Elves, and Draeni, and wants to know what game the expansion set is for.

NO ONE knew it.

C'mon! They're high schoolers and don't know one of the biggest games ever? That's kinda sad. =)

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