August 20th, 2008


About Time

Y'all know I've been exercising via a treadmill for awhile now, and it's been a steady, almost unbroken go at it of four days a week for about 18 months. When I started, I really only had one goal in mind. Get my flabby butt under 200 pounds, and I hit that just before DragonCon last year.

Once I hit that, I kinda set my eyes on 190, but mostly as a lose goal, since I'd achieved what I wanted, and anything else is really bonus. Although, losing more weight is always good, at least from where I am right now, so I kept at it, and the walking made me feel good.

About six months ago, or around Christmas, the weight stalled right at 192, 193. I have been rock solid ever since. It would go up a little depending on things, and about once a month, I'd see 191. This was...disheartening, to say the least, and a little frustrating, but still I said, hey, at least I'm stable, and exercise is still good.

Finally, FINALLY something broke. All this week, I've been at 191, and today I stepped on the scale, and actually saw it stop at 190. Oh, joyous day. I almost did a jig. Probably should have, burned a few more calories. ;) I really hope I've broken through that barrier some people hit that makes them give up, and it wasn't just a little hiccup, or the scale being flaky, or whatever.

The year still sucks on balance, but at least there's been a few bright spots.

Now, next goal is 180 by Chicago Comicon!

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Photoblog: Marvel Universe Represents!

I am feeling SO MUCH BETTER today. Back pain gone, weight awesome, I *slept* and don't feel run down, and this is the first day in weeks where I haven't taken an hour or longer nap at night. So, I did more than my usual fiftyish photos, and finished off the rest of the pics from the Marvel Costume Contest.

X-Men! Black Queen! Weapon X! Zombie Hulk!

Check 'em out!

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