August 12th, 2008


Heroes of Oz

Heroes fans: it looks like the show's super-powered characters will face something they've never faced before--a Robot Chicken! Or at least a few of the guys who work on a show called Robot Chicken is reporting that Seth Green and Breckin Meyer will be joining the NBC hit for a multi-episode arc in which they play comic-book fans that meet up with one of the show's heroes in Atlanta.

Hiro goes to DragonCon? =)

Burn the World

Dear Universe

Dear Universe,

Please stop dumping on my friends. (Especially the Canadian one. Come on!)

This is not the arrangement we agreed to.

Dump on me all you want, I can take it. But leave my friends alone, damnit. We agreed to this years ago! And now they and I are getting the ass end of the luck stick this year?

If this is gonna keep up, we need to renegotiate, or discuss your breach of contract.

Wishes he could throw a "2008 sucks, let's get drunk" party, and have everyone over.
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