August 10th, 2008

IT Ninja

Duck and Cover

Two security researchers have developed a new technique that essentially bypasses all of the memory protection safeguards in the Windows Vista operating system, an advance that many in the security community say will have far-reaching implications not only for Microsoft, but also on how the entire technology industry thinks about attacks.

Lovely. This is an almost amusingly simple attack. There's a lot of doom and fear in the article, but I figure they'll find fixes soon enough. Just be careful where y'all are surfing for awhile.

Here's some other highlights:

By taking advantage of the way that browsers, specifically Internet Explorer, handle active scripting and .NET objects, the pair have been able to load essentially whatever content they want into a location of their choice on a user's machine.

Researchers who have read the paper that Dowd and Sotirov wrote on the techniques say their work is a major breakthrough and there is little that Microsoft can do to address the problems. The attacks themselves are not based on any new vulnerabilities in IE or Vista, but instead take advantage of Vista's fundamental architecture and the ways in which Microsoft chose to protect it.

SDCC Pics Update

Finally back to the grindstone, and just uploaded 34 pics at once.

I swear, the most time consuming part is writing up what each one is, topped only by my obsessive compulsive tagging disorder. =P

Finally got around to a few pics of fieryredhead, in her Lady Joker costume.

Now I really must get my flabby butt back on the treadmill before the desire leaves me.