August 9th, 2008


Comics Next Week

Angel After The Fall #11 Regular Cover B
Astonishing X-Men Vol 3 #26 (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)
Batman Confidential #20
Broken Trinity Darkness Cvr A Jorge Lucas
Captain Britain And MI 13 #4 (Secret Invasion Tie-In)
Cthulhu Tales #4 Cvr A
Fall Of Cthulhu Godwar #1 Cvr A
Final Crisis Revelations #1 Cover A Character Cover
Genext #4
Green Arrow Black Canary #11
Green Lantern Corps Vol 2 #27
Last Defenders #6
Secret Invasion #5 Regular Gabriele Dell Otto Cover
Secret Invasion Inhumans #1
Secret Invasion Runaways Young Avengers #2
Secret Invasion Thor #1
Secret Invasion X-Men #1 (X-Men Manifest Destiny Tie-In)
Toyfare #134 Mattel Skeletor Cvr
Trinity #11
Wonder Woman Vol 3 #23
X-Men Origins Jean Grey


Brach and Forth

Man, I'm a posting fiend today.

Anywho, Dark Knight had a pretty cool hospital kersplosion, and some folks trekked out to the site check out the aftermath.

They posted a few pics and some tidbits of their visit. Thought it was nifty, and worth sharing.

Burn the World

To Whom it May Concern.

Dear sir or madam.

The block I live on, while being a complete, squarish loop, is not in fact a NASCAR track.

There is no need for you to circle around it, and other areas nearby, for the past five. fucking. hours.

It is also not a dragstrip. When you are not driving in circles with your engine revved up loud enough to shake stuff in my house, you do not need to park and rev it even louder nearby.

I will grant you, you would not expect someone to be sleeping at this time of day, but there are nocturnal people out there. And even so, it's just plain annoying and rude to regular people to hear vroooom vroooOOOOOm VROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM for Five. Fucking. Hours.

With love and the bat of righteous vengeance, Jason.

So yes, I am having a very shit day. I'm running on an hour of sleep total, and that's broken up into five, ten minute chunks. My comic store is done with my business, and they got no books this week. Well, almost no books, they did get in Final Godsdamned Crisis.

There's...other things rattling around my brain, but I'm not quite getting them out of the haze. Oh right, Dragon*Con.

Some people may feel free to take this as instant karma biting me in the ass for any number of posts I made the other day. Me? I'm taking it as an excuse to set fire to anything pissing me off, and right now I'm on a hair trigger. =P