July 18th, 2008


Trailer Park

Ok, I'm badk from Dark Knight, and that's all I'm saying for now.

But the stuff before the movie...

I do NOT go to movies to see ads for tv shows, damnit. =P

And there was a hilarious ad for some Honda SUV.

"Surprisingly fuel efficient, with 23 MPG!"

The only surprising thing there is that they call that 'fuel effiicient'.

Emma Pondering

Poll Dancing

So, there's my Twitter feed, and my Jaiku page. Add me, if you want and haven't. Now that I've got the phone, I'll be using one or both of them more, especially with the cons around the corner.

Now, which do you folks, who will be friending me there maybekindasorta, where would YOU like to see me posting convention updates as to what I'm doing?

Poll #1225875 Twitku

Where should I post convention updates?

Just don't repost to LJ!

Now, whichever way it goes, there will still be LJ posts while I'm at cons, but mostly daily type update overviews, cool pics, and/or stuff that's just too long for Twitter/Jaiku. But I don't plan to replicate data.