June 18th, 2008

IT Ninja

User Unfriendly

For the most part, I love iTunes. It does what I want, how I want it, and I've gotten used to its little quirks. I'm sure there are better programs, but this does the trick, and I'm comfy.

Anywho...the other day, it started acting weird.

It was only downloading one podcast at a time, and only checking one feed at a time.

I poke the preferences, don't see any setting to set the number of downloads to do at once. I double check, and triple check, very thoroughly, making sure I didn't miss anything, or if it was obscurely named.

I thought there might be something wrong with my connection, rebooted, closed iTunes and reopned a few times, all while Googling for any means to change the number of simultaneous downloads.

Finally I lucked upon the right search terms, and found out there IS a checkbox that tells it to download more than one thing. But this box only exists in the download screen. Which only exists when you are actively downloading something.

Why would you bury a setting that can dramatically affect your user experience in a screen that's only accessible while what it affects is there? Why not put it where every OTHER setting can be tweaked? I'm lucky I even found it. I wasn't even sure it was there when reading about it, but forced something to download, so I could fix it. That's terribly backwards, in my mind. I get wanting to have it there on the screen so you can easily tweak it in connection with what it does, but at the same time, it's not exactly the first place I'd look for a preference setting, especially since it's not accessible without forcing the program to do something.

Just a bit of a ramble I wanted to babble about. Move along.