June 10th, 2008



Man the fire cannons!

They promised us a Hellcat limited series, with some pretty decent cover art, and then they pulled a horrible bait and switch on the interiors.

This is what they're doing to Patsy.

I'll be sharpening the knives. ;)

(I'm not looking to go into the good and bad of anime/manga again. We've all covered that road. I dislike, others like, and will probably be ok with the above link. I'm just looking to tweak dkphoenix, not start a fight. =) )


Half Empty

My mother has been collecting the 50 state quarters, and when I come across something I don't think she has, I hand it over, and she puts the quarter in her books if she needs it.

They don't always fit in the holes without some coercion, so she uses a hammer, with something between the two so as to not destroy the coin.

Today I brought home the Wyoming quarter, and she starts hammering it in, and I point out the major flaw in what she's doing.

We recently got a new table for the dining room.

Why is this important?


Hammer plus glass...yeah. Fortunately, we got lucky, but damn if it wasn't funny.