June 4th, 2008


San DieGO!

Just got the email confirming the receiviture of my materials, and went through the last few steps. Press credentials and pass confirmed! Woohoo!

*crosses that off the list*

Burn the World


So, a comicbook news site redesigns, and it's crap.

Didn't we just cover this a few weeks ago?

Let's see...first off, Newsarama's new design looks like they copied it right from Comicbook Resources, and we know how I feel about that one. I saw they still had the old look up too, but that's just there to show you how much the site used to not suck as much, since they're not updating it. Why have the pointless link? "Look, here's a link to a website that's no longer being updated! Look at how clean things used to be!"

And new it's Newsarama Beta? Beta testing? On a news site?! Sorry, guys. You are so not Google. You are not creating and putting out new technologies for people to bash at and try to work out. You are a news site. We figured out how to post and share news about a decade ago. You don't need beta testing for that. Heck, we even figured out accounts and message boards years ago. In fact, it all worked fine on your OLD site. Why break it if it ain't that broken? The "beta" stamp has become required to be on every new site these days, to the point where it has no real meaning. It's also an excuse for shoddy programming. "This doesn't work!" "Sorry dude, beta! We'll fix it, maybe..." They could have at LEAST maybe been a little clever, and said they're gamma testing. Beta is just there to try and seem cool, but that really only brings a buzz with it if things are open to a few people at first.

Which leads nicely to my next rant, that the logins seem to be broken for a lot of people. Yeah, that should have really been worked out before the site went live. I tried retrieving my password yesterday, and am still waiting for the email.

As for the content itself...they've gone from a simple comics news site with things scattered to all things, tv, movies, etc...I assume they all still have comics focus, but it's just starting to be cluttered and dispersed everywhere. I can't be bothered to dig through every nook and cranny. They've also got the news on one page scattered everywhere too. There's the big thing not quite at the top of the page with a few stories, some of which are repeated beneath it, but some aren't. Some others are repeated in the other section of news off to the right side, but others aren't. There's no real timeline, and it's just a scattering of stories in three places, repeating some, some are new, and there's no consistency. There are even new stories mixed in with older ones from yesterday that weren't there until today, so now I've got to check over the whole page to make sure nothing got missed, because something may appear where I've already checked.

Having three different sections for the news, with no real rhyme or reason between any of them, and they all share stories is confusing, and has no real point. There's no need for "Even more headlines!" when some of them are the same headlines, but some are completely differnet from the rest of the site.

This is just another mess, and comic news sites need to stop making crap designs, because it keeps making me want to start a comic news site, and I don't really want to do that. =P