May 28th, 2008


Ah Yes

Golden Compass...

Not hailed as the greatest movie after all, but my mother did say that she really, really enjoyed it. Because of the talking animals.

Good enough for me.


Guitar Zero

I'm totally swiping this from berserkershinji, because it's just so messed up and horrible.

The promotional ad for Guitar Hero for the DS:

Now, I guess that the design and usage is about what I'd expect from porting this to the DS. It's either that or plug a guitar into your teeny screen, which is equally as silly, in different ways.

But my gods, the promo is hilariously bad. I feel like I'm watching the R. Kelly impersonator on the Daily Show, the way the guy pops up and just repeats what was just said. In fact, this ad feels more like a spoof than a real product, which can't be what they were going for... The way it keeps going is the usual SNL style of dragging a joke out long past when it should have been laid to rest.