May 9th, 2008

Burn the World

Caught in a Web

Oh dear gods above, below, and to the sides, this could be my worst nightmare.

My mother works with the Parent/teacher board...thing for the entire state of Vermont. Or something like that. They are setting up a website. My mother wants information so she won't look or sound dumb *cough* when it comes up at the next meeting, and they appoint someone to maintain it.

To me, it's pretty clear, the papers say they're looking for someone to manage and approve content, update the site, and be available to answer questions. I even made it clearer, and said they're looking for someone to act as an editor for the site, as if it was a newsletter, or whatever.

And yet, she still wants more information, and to show her example sites. I had Newsarama up at the moment, pointed at the screen, and she says she'll have to wait until there's more time to read the entire thing. @.@ Reading isn't necessary! You just need to know that there's some guy who hits 'approve' or 'post' or 'send'...

This segues into my hatred of whenever she asks me to look something up online. I look it up, I read out what she wanted, then she has to hover over my shoulder and read every word on the site.

Every. Word. Including ads. And links. And everything else. She clearly doesn't get the web. =)

But grah, "you want someone who's an editor for the site' is pretty darned clear! Reading an interview with Geoff Johns isn't going to make you more informed into how a website is run.