May 5th, 2008


File Cabinet

*finishes reading Dresden Files #1*


That's the best comic, hands down, I've read in my three week large stack, and by a very wide margin.

Granted, it is towards the top of the pile where a lot of the 'eh' stuff is, since it was an unknown quantity to me, but that was really, really good. It really felt like I was reading a novel. It was lengthy, well written, and just had a good deal of, I dunno, weight to it.

The art was a little weird, but that is a very well written storyline. I'm glad I didn't pass on it.

Now the novels call to me, though.


Man O' Man

So, surprising no one, Iron Man is getting a sequel.

Captain America is getting a movie too.

Oh, and so are the Avengers, in 2011.


My vote is that now that the heroes are established and teaming up, and there'll be villains aplenty, let's get to work on a Thunderbolts movie.