May 2nd, 2008

Bean me!

Movie Phone

I'll be the first to admit I can sometimes miss the forest because the trees are in the way.

As I've posted lots, the local theatre sucks with updating showtimes.

Trying to find one for Iron Man today. Heck, I don't even know if it's *playing* here locally.

I had someone give me the obvious web suggestions I've already tried like I'm an idiot who'd never think to check Moviefone or Yahoo Movies. The theatre literally does NOT let info out before sometime Friday morning.

Anyways, another friend pointed out to me something I feel dumb for not thinking of. The phone.

See, I don't like the phone. roguesamus can probably atest to how much of a goon I sounded like when I called her for the first time at DragonCon. ;) And I'm also used to getting showtimes from the paper on Friday morning, but they stopped putting them there, gods know why.

So, I try the phone number on the website on the same page where I am waiting to be updated with showtimes.

And I laugh.

I laugh so, so very hard.

"The following schedule is for Friday, April 25th, through Thursday, May 1st."

I may not have thought of it, but at least it didn't matter.

This seems so, so unprofessional. They're the only theatre owners in town, so they probably figure they can dick around the consumers, they have no other choice. But if I can check the times, and know a theatre I'll be at WILL have the movie I want, days in advance? Guess where I'm going to arrange to go.

And yes, the other theatre has it, and I will be there, tomorrow. To get three weeks' of comics, and free comic book day stuff. But I'm really not looking forward to dragging my ass out of bed early enough to get up, shower, drive for an HOUR, get my books etc, before the movie starts. It's there as a backup plan, but so want to know if it's even coming here, to make it easier.


Iron Plan


FINALLY the theatre updates the web/phone/smoke signals.

No matinee today. =P

So, it's get up at the buttcrack of noon to drive an hour to Claremont, get comics, see movie.

Tomorrow is gonna suck. >.<


Iron Poll

I am this bored, yes.

And I like making polls.

Should I wear my Green Lantern shirt when I go to see Iron Man tomorr?

Yes! You should be safe!
Yes! Geekfights are cool!
No! Violence is never the answer!
There was an Iron Man and Green Lantern amalgam, Iron Lantern, so sure!
You are such a nerd, and that last option proves it.