April 2nd, 2008



In today's installment of news no one but me will care about...

Birds of Prey is also coming to DVD this summer.

Yes, the show was pretty bad, but it was shaking out some flaws towards the end.

And Dina Meyer was a great Oracle.

I'll buy almost anything for Dina.

IT Ninja


Dear website redesign teams.

If your new design causes a computer's fans to start spinning faster than normal, and stay that way, then your design is probably a bad one, with too much shit on it. Stop that.

If your content is now spalltered all over the place, and not in concise two columns like it may once have been, again it's a bad design, as my eyes are drawn everywhere. I will allow this may lessen if I get used to the design, but first impression is more sucking.

Why is it that website redesigns toss out everything, rather than just refining what's worked for the past however many years? Why is 'new' always cluttered, crappy, and makes my computer do more work to display what should be primarily text?

And yes, I'm looking directly at Comic Book Resources.