March 31st, 2008


Code Mauve

Ok, due to circumstances way beyond my control, it's looking like the two people I've roomed with at Dragon*Con the last two years, and would be with again this year, are unable to attend.

I booked the room back in Novemberish, or whenever the rooms became available, and have gotten my airline tickets and pass for the con, soooo...

Anyone on my friendslist going to Atlanta and still need a roof over their head? I'd love to get two people in, and split the room cost. More would be better if they don't mind floor space, but two is optimal. I'm staying at the Marriott, which is prime real estate for convention goers, and got it at the convention rate, so per head for Thursday to Monday, will be about 250 dollars and change.

I really need some bodies in that room to cut the cost down, so I'm sitting with fingers crossed that some of y'all going still need a room, and can put up with me for a few days. ;)

Bean me!

Caffiene Free: Day Six

Not much to say.

Had to scour the house this morning for something to drink. Not out of a need for caffeine, but because I had to do a bit of writing for quietdarkness, and after writing, I like to reward myself with a tasty beverage. Water just ain't tasty enough, and I didn't want soda.

Fortunately, I found something, and kept up my tradition. =)