March 30th, 2008


Name Game


My mother wants a dog. She wants an adult dog, for some reason. I'm pretty sure an adult dog with adult cats aren't going to be the easiest integration. I've always been told (By her, even!) that it's always easiest to bring in young animals into a home with adult animals. Yet they keep getting adult animals, and it never goes well... My older cats have been stuck in the living room/dining room, because the new adult cat won't let them anywhere else.

But I digress.

She's looking for an adult dog, and she makes the comment, "The only thing I hate about getting adult animals, they already have names, and you can't really change it! That would be like saying we're no longer going to call you Jason!"

Yes, well...that wouldn't be anything particularly new for Foenix the Botmaster, would it? ;)

Bean me!

Caffeine Free: Day Five

Yeah, that's more like it.

Parents finally noticed I'd not been drinking coffee at home or when we went out. ;)

And my mother tries to console me by explaining that because I only drink coffee every day, I can't be addicted, since there's not ALWAYS a coffee cup glued to my hand. =)

In other news, my legs are oddly sore. I blame upping the speed on the treadmill this week.