March 25th, 2008

Bean me!

Let the Twitching Begin

*sips from his mug*

This here? Mocha cappuchino, made from some yummy powder and boiled water. Yeah, lazy man cappuchino, but I like it, for what it is.

Anywho, this mug is going to be my last bit of caffeine for the week.

That's right, I've decided I'm past due for a caffeine detox, and will be going caffeine free for an entire week, to the best of my ability. I'll probably slip and have a piece of chocolate along the way, but that barely counts.

Long time readers know I do this from time to time, but for the newbies...I get a lotta flack for being 'addicted' to caffeine/coffee. Sometimes I even play that up, but I really do see it as just something I enjoy, and could do without if I had to, like most things in life. So, every now and then I set aside the coffee pot and sodas, and don't have any caffeine for a week or so. Good for the body, and good to see that yes, I'm not an addict, yet. And here we go again!

Of course, there's no real check to the system, beside myself, so it's more of a matter of my word, but I'd like to think I've built up a base of honesty behind me. And it's mostly for myself, and I can't lie to me. I know my truths!

Those of you fearful of such things may wish to seek shelter from the end times, as a sign of the apocalypse has come to pass. ;)

The decaffeinating caffeind.