March 24th, 2008


Mommablog: Penn State

I've made it no secret that I'm a fan of Penn & Teller. Not enough to sit through Dancing With the Stars to see how Penn does, but I will seek out clips online, just to see his style, and how badly it goes. ;)

My mother also likes the duo, watches Bullshit regularly, has seen other stuff, listened to his radio show on occasion, etc.

So, I dug up a clip from last week's premiere, played it, we watched it, and my mother just completely blew my mind.

"I never knew Penn & Teller were magicians!"

I actually stared at her for about thirty seconds, and all thought in my brain stopped, as my eyes grew ever wider, until I could give an anime character's occular organs a run for their money.

My mouth moved, but no sound escaped that formed actual words, only a dull noise from the back of my throat, until I couldn't take it anymore and grabbed my temples before my head exploded.


Burn Notice

It's a mother blog two-fer!

When you put popcorn in the microwave, walk away, read the newspaper, and the house fills with smoke because the popcorn is burning into a charred brick, do you A) do the reasonable thing and realise you walked away from something the instructions explicity tell you to pay attention to and stop when the kernels stop popping, or B) blame the popcorn, and the microwave, and everything else, because clearly the brand new microwave must be broken, and the popcorn must be old, and the butter crawled out of the bag magically setting things on fire?

Guess which option my mother takes EVERY time she puts popcorn in the microwave?

I explain the sane option to my mother, she looks at the charred bag (snerk), "See!! If I'd followed these instructions, I would have put it in for FOUR minutes and really burn it!! See??? The popcorn is bad!! Has to be!"

"KEEP reading..."

"Stop the microwave when the popcorn kernels popping slows to one or two seconds..."

"Yes, so it's the popcorn's fault you didn't follow the instructions."


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