March 21st, 2008


The Saints Go Marching On


Officially announced sequel to Boondock Saints.

Edited to add, several hours later, I'm watching Die Hard 3, with the title-appropriate tune laced throughout, and the end credits. Nice serendipity.
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    Movie Theme - The Boondock Saints - The Blood Of Cu Chulainn

Come and Hugo

The nominees for the 2008 hugo awards have been posted.

Some interesting choices in the categories that interest me. Especially Heroes season 1 in its entirety. That, along with Stardust, Golden Compass, and Enchanted, makes it one of the most interesting (To me personally) Dramatic Longform categories in awhile.

The Dramatic Short Form section also has a good number of good choices too, mostly from the UK. Both the Who entries are well deserving of the award, even though I lean a bit more towards Blink, but only a little. "Captain Jack Harkness" was a good story, but never quite clicked with me. BSG: Lesbians! is another interesting choice, and a decent story. Nice to see some Trek in there too.

Sadly, I'm behind on reading SF prose, so don't have much comments on the others.

And yes, this is one of the only award shows I even barely give a crap about.

Also, I just have this odd urge to post today...


Class Claws

Currently, I do not get any of the Wolverine titles.

I like the character, but never enough to follow him, unless the creators or direction interest me, and that's not been the case for many moons.

I also do not get X-Men: First Class.

Oddly enough, I *will* be getting Wolverine: First Class, and am quite looking forward to it.

This amuses me.