February 18th, 2008

Burn the World


Damnit damnit damnit!!

Which, let me tell you...

90 minutes ago? That was so not the words I wanted to use. Picture something with F's.

Five minutes before my da' came home at 1am, my speakers started popping. And I don't mean the little pops you might get on occasion, or at least I tend to, no matter the system...

I'm talking huge, loud, monitor shaking pops. Bordering on bangs. Now, the wiring in this house has always been on the wrong side of questionable, and odd things would make my speakers do that, very very rarely. Turning on the humidifier, for instance. None of which was in evidence. I fiddled with the cords, since about once a year my speakers flake out, for whatever reason. I blame sunspots...

But here I sit, 90 minutes later, waiting to return to Knight Rider (So far, so good, actually!!), and just plugged them back in, and there's no power even going to the system. I am now certain my speakers are roasty toasty. They lasted about three and a half years of pretty heavy usage, so that's not horrible.

If this happened at any other time in the past year, I could've dealt, for the most part. Annoying, sure. But I just dropped 400+ dollars at the dentist in the past 45 days, plus trying to get two plane tickets for SDCC and Dragon*Con, amongst other unexpected expenses, all crawling through the door at the same time. And now to find a good set of speakers to suit my needs. Ok, so a bit of a luxury item, but I've grown accustomed to my 5.1 sound on the computer. ;p

Sweet fucking asscrackers, do the monetary deities know, and strike me down all at once? Sigh.