February 12th, 2008



I shall now perform the amazing squeeing beverly_mcintyr trick!

"It looks like relatively unknown Irish actor David Murray won't be playing Destro in the G.I. Joe movie after all. The lead villain role has reportedly recast, with English actor Christopher Eccleston (Dr. Who, 28 Days Later) now playing the Scottish arms dealer."


Lost and Found

“Lost” showrunner Carlton Cuse says the fourth season of his acclaimed sci-fi drama will be no more than 13 episodes this season, cut down from an order of 16 due to the writers’ strike expected to end today.

Eight episodes were scripted before the strike. Cuse hopes to produce five more to air this spring.

It sounds like Cuse and the rest of the “Lost” writing staff will end the fourth season at the same story point they always intended, cramming eight episodes of plot into the season’s final five installments.

“We will have to condense some stories,” Cuse tells The Hollywood Reporter.

That's a bit of a bummer. But as long as they can end it where they wanted to end it...

Frankly, I'd rather find a way to get those last three episodes. So what if the 'season' ends three weeks later? Silly networks.

Of course, condensing stuff COULD be a good idea, although we were already getting some condension due to finally knowing when the show ends, and they can finally steer towards the goal. And on a show like Lost, when you start cramming stuff in, too much can happen too fast. No, I'm not one of those people who thinks nothing ever happens on the show. The show IS pretty dense as is.