January 12th, 2008


Comics Next Week

Brain sleepy, probably missed stuff.

Angel After The Fall #3 Regular Andrew Robinson Cover
Birds Of Prey #114
Booster Gold Vol 2 #6
Cable Deadpool #49
Countdown To Final Crisis #15
Fallen Angel Vol 2 #23 Regular JK Woodward Cover
Flash Vol 2 #236
Incredible Hercules #113 Regular Art Adams Cover
Justice League Of America Vol 2 #17
Marvel Comics Presents Vol 2 #5
New Exiles #1 Regular Greg Land Cover
New Warriors Vol 4 #8
New X-Men Vol 2 #46 Regular David Finch Cover (X-Men Messiah CompleX Part 12)
Penance Relentless #4
Shadowpact #21
Transformers Devastation #4 Regular Nick Roche Cover
Witchblade #113 Cvr B Basri
World War Hulk Aftersmash Warbound #2



Ok, fess up, who sold their soul to the devil to get good writers on Moonlight? I actively enjoyed tonight's Moonlight straight through. Sure, I saw where it was going from the opening scene, but they got there very well, and very effectively. Original, far far from it. But they told their story very well, IMO. Good emotion, good insight into the characters, probably the best episode of the series so far. A solid hour, if not exactly groundbreaking territory.

In Flash Gordon news...
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