January 3rd, 2008


Sorry, Bevy...

Mike, I'm going to kick things off with a few questions of my own. A recent description of "X-Men: Legacy" indicated that the book would focus on Rogue and Gambit. Can you elaborate at all?

It's both true and misleading. The character at the center of the book is someone else entirely -- it's Professor X, in fact -- but Rogue and Gambit will appear in a way that moves their relationship and their personal journeys forward very significantly. As readers of adjectiveless "X-Men" will know, I've sent Rogue along a traumatic and life-changing path. We see the fruition of that in "Messiah CompleX," but the consequences are still to be played out and it's in "Legacy" first and foremost that we see this happen

Yo, Joe

"However, how would a parent feel when they had to explain to their kid that Spider-Man just got divorced from his wife? How would that headline read across the AP or on USA today? The same can be said with an annulment. Sure, divorce is a reality of life, but Peter Parker and Spider-Man are not the types of characters that would do that. Spider-Man is a worldwide icon and is considered one of the good guys, like Superman"


How is that better?!

What.  The.  Ever-lovin'.  Hell?

Girls' Town

So, Quesada has said that if people want their Peter and MJ married so badly, they can always go read Spider-Girl instead, and if that is what the fans REALLY want, he should see the sales on that book skyrocket.

Now...leaving aside the issue that the book is about the kid, and not Peter and MJ, so not really the best source for that outlet - anyone wanna try to whip up a campaign to get just such a sales boost to happen?

I would loooove to see Joe's little slam against Spider-Girl, and the fans, backfire.

Resisting going through the CBR interviews and doing running commentary posts on just where JQ is wrong, hypocritical, and/or outright lies...