Nicole Grey (foenix) wrote,
Nicole Grey

A Blog Post about Photography, but not a Photoblog

So, I've recently had some money fall into my lap, and funnily enough, unrelated to my birthday this past Sunday.

It's one of those situations where the implication is to use the money for Something Special of my choosing...and the hard part is trying to pick the what.

Part of me wants to pocket it and get my ass to SOME comic convention somewhere.  Dragon*Con always calls to me, I really miss Chicago too, since that's always seemed like a good central point where most of my friends congregate, lovely camera is starting to futz on me.

The lens has stopped properly working if I focus at anything below 24mm, give or take, and it craps out an error code.  An error code that is the generic "SOMEthing is wrong, but damned if we know!" code.  I've tried some home maintenance, but really, the camera is pretty old, and with all the pictures I've taken, it's understandable that things are failing.

So, yeah, it's probably time for a new camera, and considering how old my current Canon Rebel is, even if I got the newest, bottom of the line, equivalent, it would STILL be a major step up.

AND it would do video!  Something I've been wanting to do more of, but with a camera that doesn't suck like the 20 dollar video cameras I've been given as gifts before.  Good lord, those things are terrible...

But if I get the camera...PROBABLY not going to a convention.  But if I go to a con...not getting a new camera, and while I can still take pictures, my options have been crippled by half.  Grah. ;)

OR I could go for something else entirely.  Oh, Kindle Fire 2, whatever shall you be?


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