December 28th, 2007


Photoblog: Going Batty

Got a Christmas present in the mail today from cyclopsscott/

She's pretty nifty.  Limited articulation, but that's normal for DC figures.  The cape is rubbery, and not the usual solid plastic, so it's got a good, different feel to it, and moves well.  Although it's heavy and makes her difficult to scan.  Good detailing and likeness too.

Although she comes with a Batarang she can't hold because one hand is a fist, the other is open flat.  The hell?

There's not going to be a photoset of more photos of her unless requested.  I'm lazy. ;)



In 2008, Foenix resolves to...
Drink four glasses of phoenix every day.
Give some gargoyles to charity.
Backup my jeremiah regularly.
Overcome my secret fear of comics.
Put fifty veronica mars a month into my savings account.
Get back in contact with some old horror movies.
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

I definitely like that last one, and am already working on it.

Fifty Veronicas a month would be nice too... ;)