December 20th, 2007


Moving on Up

Howdy, folks!

Lookin' for a new place to live?  Well, head on down to Greysborough!

Feel free to leave a message and say hi to the gang, and check back frequently.  Every daily visit adds people. =)

In fact, I encourage dropping a line, either there or here, since I'm curious who-all is moving in. ;)



So, since I seem to have DragonCon *endlessly* on the brain...

Was thinking how this year's big thing was all about the Marvel Zombies, and how cool that was, and started thinking...

Dragon*Con 2008?  Bring on the Skrulls!!  This needs to be done.

IT Ninja


Nice try, but I'm not dumb enough to click on random links from total strangers without doing research.

Folks, beware of anyone linking to

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