November 30th, 2007


Two More Months.

Marvel has just announced the release date for the last and fourth part of One More Day is coming out on January 28th.

Two months from now, almost exactly.  When part three came out.

Which delays Brand New Day until February.  And the second month of BND was solicited for January.  AND February.  And now, likely March as well.  The same books solicited for three different months.

Sure, Joe.  I get that you're the Editor in Chief and a busy fella, but how long have we been hearing about this?  When did we see those first images?  How long have you been working on this big major shakeup to Spider-Man, and completely fucking it up?

If the Brand New Day books have any delays for the first few months, that will just be shameful.  Especially when they were supposed to come out, what?  In October?  Ugh.

Heck, they should be able to come out by pushing them out weekly once they're finally able to start, but then Marvel would, and rightly should, catch flak because they made fun of DC for being silly enough to try a weekly book, saying "We don't do books weekly, we do them strongly" or some such BS.

And they're promising Millar and Hitch's Fantastic Four will come out on time, saying that it absolutely will, and we should believe them.  I'm sorry, Marvel.  I'd love to be proven wrong, but with your track record?  And Millar and Hitch's track record ALONE?  I am highly dubious.

Millar and Hitch's Fantastic Four, a great jumping off point.