November 17th, 2007


Geography Lesson

Two things I hate about not setting my story in Dragon*Con:

1. I can't have characters from 300 run down to the subway and yell "THIS!  IS!  MARTA!!"

2. I can't have characters wish that things had gone to hell on Saturday, when there would be plenty of girls dressed as Dawn, and this giving the 'good guys' lots of goddesses on their side. ;)


Comics Next Week

Action Comics #859 Regular Gary Frank Cover
Angel After The Fall #1 Regular Tony Harris Cover
Birds Of Prey #112
Boys #12
Brave And The Bold Vol 3 #8
Captain America The Chosen #4 Mitch Breitweiser Cover
Captain America Vol 5 #32
Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer Gotham By Gaslight #1
Countdown To Final Crisis #23
Countdown To Mystery #3
Fall Of Cthulhu #8 Cvr A
Flash Vol 2 #234
Franklin Richards Fall Football Fiasco
Grimm Fairy Tales #18
Heroes For Hire Vol 2 #15 (World War Hulk Tie-In)
Incredible Hulk Vol 2 #111 Regular Carlo Pagulayan Cover (World War Hulk Tie-In)
Loners #6
New X-Men Vol 2 #44 Regular David Finch Cover (X-Men Messiah CompleX Part 4)
Penance Relentless #3
Shadowpact #19
She-Hulk 2 #23
Thunderbolts Breaking Point
What If Annihilation
Witchblade Shades Of Gray #4 Regular E-Bas Cover
Wizard Comics Magazine #195 Marvels Greatest Year Ever Cvr
X-Men Emperor Vulcan #3


Fright Night

Continuing my quest to scare as many people across reality as possible...

Grown man, myself, in trenchcoat, and in the cereal aisle jumping and pointing, going "EEE!  They're making Boo Berry again!!"