November 8th, 2007


Unconventional Warfare: Chapter Two, Part One

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16,231 / 50,000

This is probably my favourite chunk so far.  Things just clicked, and words zoomed away as I got my three characters together, and everything being energised bu the potentially prophetic words of crazy train people.  This was a joy to write, and fun.  Even the buggy new iTunes release making it very difficult to listen to cds while writing, which is a bit of a necessity couldn't bring me down.

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The Strike strikes again.

From AICN:

The Writers Guild turns out to be sufficiently badass to sideline even Jack Bauer.

Fox has decided it doesn’t want to just give fans only half a day in Bauer’s life, so the thriller’s 7th season has been yanked from January – with no plans to return it until the strike is settled.