November 7th, 2007


Unconventional Warfare: Chapter One, Part Seven

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I love stumbling across a scene that feels necessary to get the details in, and having it turn out to be more important than I ever would've thought, at least foreshadowing-wise.  I never thought there'd be a subway trip when I started writing, I never had any ideas of it being important other than some fun character stuff going from point A to point B, and then the crazy train people came.

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Hate...People...  XP

"o_o I found a page with massive plot spoilers for Heroes.
Want the link? "

"Oh, some RPG."

"... I never said I was talking about the TV series.
A text-based adventure, actually.
Like Zork."

Yes, I'm sorry I thought of a highly rated, critically acclaimed, popular tv show, and not some piddly video game in a miniscule genre that Google even has trouble finding.

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Strike Out

And the writers' strike hits close to home.

This is gonna totally kill my exercise regiment. ;)

I've actually managed to lose weight, steadily albeit slowly, but it's better than nothing, by finally getting off my ass and getting in some treadmill time at about four days a week.  I can't just hop on the treadmill and go at it, because I get bloody bored.  Yeah, health important, but if I'm bored out of my skull, I stop doing something, because I just don't look forward to it.  So, I basically do my hamster impression while watching the Daily Show, because it's a good length to get in the walking, it's on a lot, and it keeps me distracted with laughter.  It's worked out well.

But now with the strike, no new Daily Shows.  I need to find a replacement if this strike drags out, or my joy at being 15 pounds lighter than I was a year ago will quickly evaporate..  I'm already considering Colbert Report, since I don't regularly watch it as is, and so it may be reruns, but they're all new to me.  I need to keep my eyes open for other options.  Alton Brown, I'm lookin' at you!