October 22nd, 2007


30 Days of Mom

So, Saturday I went to see 30 Days of Night.

Afterwards when we went do dinner, parents asked me what I went to see, which I told them...I also told them before, but what're you gonna do?

I explain what it is, a vampre movie where vampires get the brilliant idea to invade a town in Alaska that has 30 consecutive days of night, with no sun.

Then my mother blurts out, "While we were waiting to pick you up, I was looking at the signs, and saw there's a lot of R rated movies playing right now. Are they coming out with any movies for Halloween this month?"

"...I went to see one! Vampires!!"


IT Ninja

Dropped Support

A little old, but I just heard about it, and it's a great story.

A woman who got fed up with a Comcast installation gone wrong, and given a run around at the customer service office and takes a hammer to some property to ah...get her point across.