October 11th, 2007On this day in different years


Extended Vision

From the Futon Critic:

NBC is sticking by its entire freshman class - "Bionic Woman," "Chuck," "Life," "Journeyman" - while CBS is keeping "Cane's" seat warm.

All five series have received the go ahead to pen additional scripts - four in the case of "Cane," three each for the Peacock entries.

Said scripts will keep writers humming as production closes in on the end of their initial 13 episode orders

Not sure if that makes all the above good through 13, or ups their current runs to 16 or whatever. Either way, good news for the fans of the shows.



So, by now most people have probably seen the pic of the coconut crab attacking the garbage can, or as I've been calling it, the hellcrab.

I just discovered a site that's dedicated to giant crabs. Some awesome and freaky things in there, that look like they escaped from the horror movies.

Including hellcrab at the bottom of page one!