October 7th, 2007


Full Moon

(As an aside, I miss Full Moon Productions...)

So, I survived a second episode of Moonlight, and hey! That didn't completely suck!

But being written by David Greenwalt, I wouldn't expect it to be eye gougingly painful. Sadly, since he has since left the show...

I really hate that we're dealing with human bad guys, and at least next week has a vampire, but I get the sense that's gonna be it. Humans and vampires. Sigh.

It was almost like I was watching a whole other show than the one I watched last week. And with how many restarts, recastings, and reshoots the pilot has had, it kinda was. Still, it's just kinda there, and not so much a good show, as one going through the motions. And I think we've already contradicted the mythology, however I may be wrong.


Original Heroes

A bit of news on Heroes: Origins.

* In addition to Roth and Smith, Michael Dougherty, John August, and Jeph Loeb will each be writing episodes, with August also taking the directing reigns. Michael Dougherty, of course, is the writer of Superman Returns. John August is the writer of the upcoming Shazam movie. Jeph Loeb, you guys already know.
* Each episode will feature two stories, and are essentially a homage to Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. Meaning each individual story will function like a cautionary tale.