September 27th, 2007

Bean me!

Woohoo! Maybe.

So, JetBlue is about to start servicing flights out of Rutland, VT.

For me this is provisionally awesome news.

While JB only offers flights to select cities, some of them I actually fly to, such as Chicago, and San Diego.

Rutland is a pretty minor airport, and doesn't have any major access for me, so currently all my flights are out of Burlington.

For comparrison sake, Rutland is 20 minutes away. Burlington is 90 to two hours. Having the option to occasionally grab a flight out of Rutland, and at cheaper fares? Makes me a very happy Foenix.

Now, the question is, anyone have comments on JetBlue's service? =)



Geeze. More recycle plots from tv.

McG has teamed with writer Ari Eisner for Invisible, a drama project, which landed at Fox with a script commitment, according to The Hollywood Reporter; the proposed series tells the story of a criminal who is given a second chance at life when a chemical compound makes him invisible.

Bobby Hobbes is not pleased!


*dies laughing*

Last week's "Eureka is a sitcom!" statement maker has followed that up with another brilliant gem.

I mentioned Eureka being picked up for a third season (Yay!) and he says of course it was, they wouldn't end a show with the ending they've set up in the episode no one has seen yet.

I'll let that little bit of bizarre prognostication on the side for a moment, and move on.

I pointed out that there are PLENTY of shows that have ended in such a way that's either a cliffhanger, or leaves fans wanting more...heck, fans generally want more and always think their show has been cancelled before it's time, even if it's run for ten years. ;) Usually because shows don't get picked up for a second season until after they've already made a finale for the season, and don't know what's going to happen, so try to make something attention grabbing to get folks watching.

"Scifi Channel never does that!"

Scifi Channel practically INVENTED it! They had a reputation for cancelling good stuff before FOX did! =)

Farscape being the #1 example that springs to mind.