September 23rd, 2007

IT Ninja


Because I like reusing bad punny subject lines...

Those who've known me for awhile know me mostly from IRC, or internet relay chat, for those not in the know. My program of choice, and many others, is mIRC. mIRC rocks. It's user friendly (As far as IRC goes, at least...), isn't bloated too badly, and hey! It just plain WORKS.

I love me my mIRC. It's probably my #1 program, and the third thing installed on any computer I touch. The first two being a firewall and Mozilla/Firefox. Then I can safely get mIRC. ;)

Anyone familiar with mIRC knows well the face of it's creator, Khaled Mardam-Bey, as it's on the nag screen to remind you to pay for the program. See, mIRC is shareware, and as these things go, if you enjoy the program, you really should pay for it, and support further development, and the creator's need for munchies.

Now, if you don't pay in 30 days, mIRC still continues to work, which is a smart thing. It continues to bug, and probably enough people throw money their way to make do, and even those who don't probably tell their friends, and some of them might pay, whatever.

So, I've been using mIRC for ten freaking years. Almost to the month, I think. Never registered. I'm cheap, lazy, and forgetful. And never had the twenty bucks to toss away until recent years. Unlike many people, I always intended to do it.

Tonight, I commented that on this latest machine, I've had mIRC installed for 805 days. The latest version likes to inform you of this. Someone said what sort of person would ever pay for such a program, and revelled in their use of well...not paying.

*sigh* I really hate that attitude. Good work should be rewarded, and for the length of time, and amount of time I use the program daily, I *finally* after a decade, went and registered my copy of mIRC.

And it feels good, really. Not that I felt particularly BAD, but a little bummed that I was milking it for all it's worth. But it just felt good to give the guy his just reward for the program I love so much. Ten years, twenty bucks? Two dollars a year ain't bad. ;)

And when do I do this? WHEN NO ONE COMES AROUND ANY MORE!!

Which just means I'm gonna pester people more about saying hi once in awhile!