September 19th, 2007



So, someone is trying to drag me into watching Scrubs, which I frankly don't *care* if I ever see or not. I'm not a sitcom person, and the few moments of Scrubs I've seen don't really sway me one way or the other. Nothing against the show, I don't hate it, or think it's bad, I'm just meh.

But when I say I'm not one for sitcoms (As always there are exceptions. *hugs his Titus DVDs*), he defends that it's not a sitcom, and I should define what a sitcom is...then calls Eureka a sitcom.

Sure, Eureka has it's share of humour and comedy, but it's hardly the point of the show, getting laughs. What next, Babylon 5 is a sitcom because it has some funny moments?

And then I get hit with a wiki page for a character on the show known only as "Janitor" and he insists that I shall laugh at it. Looks like the character is pretty much one of those 'wacky for wacky's sake' sort of characters. Kinda the Gambit of the show. Does everything but wink at the camera and say "See? I am cool, because I say I am cool. Am I not cool? Bask in my coolness."