September 16th, 2007


Shoulder Mounted

I've just had a brill idea for Dragon*Con next year.

Anyone who has been, has seen everyone wandering around with plush dragons on their shoulders.

I'm going to take my Cthulhu plushie and try to figure out some way to have the Great Old One ride my shoulder the entire weekend.

And then I'll occasionally look at it, scream, and run in circles!

The fire marshall will love me!!

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    Concrete Blonde - The Sky Is A Poisonous Garden

I Have a Dream

It's a simple dream.

If they can have a Slave Leia photoshoot at Dragon*Con, why can't I pull together a Phoenix photoshoot?

The only shame is I can't take a picture of my self leading a small squad of redheads in green, red, and gold (etc etc), to where we'd be snapping photos. That would be the height of awesomeness.

Ahhh. It's such a beautiful vision.