September 8th, 2007


Comics Next Week

Black Adam The Dark Age #2
Booster Gold Vol 2 #2 Regular Dan Jurgens Cover
Countdown #33
Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer Wildstorm #1
Cthulhu Tales Tainted One Shot
Fables #65
Fallen Angel Vol 2 #20
Green Lantern Vol 4 #23 (Sinestro Corps War Part 6)
Heroes For Hire Vol 2 #13 (World War Hulk Tie-In)
Jack Of Fables #14
JLA Wedding Special #1
Justice Society Of America Vol 3 #9 Regular Alex Ross Cover
Loners #5
New Avengers Transformers #3
Nova Vol 4 #6 (Annihilation Conquest Tie-In)
SE7EN #6 Envy
Stormwatch PHD #11
Superman Vol 3 #667
Thor Vol 3 #3 Olivier Coipel Cover
Toyfare #123 Han Solo Animated Maquette Cvr
Ultimate Power #7
X-Factor Vol 3 #23 (X-Men Endangered Species Part 11)
X-Men Emperor Vulcan #1 (Rachel! In! SPAAAAACE!)


Photo Uploading

Still working on uploading photos, hoping to finish the Saturday parade today...

Got to the section with the people and their faery wings.

I'm tempted to tag each photo with a different spelling of fairy. ;)



Playing with a cat toy and Casper...he LOVES jumping after it. And for a 15 pound cat, holy crap can he jump.

"Be careful that he doesn't jump and land on the cactus!"

"It wouldn't be funny if it happened!"

"You're right, it wouldn't be would be *hilarious*."

And no, I wouldn't actually want to see it happen. But things like that play out in my brain like a cartoon.

Cartoon animal violence = high larious.