September 5th, 2007



My new favourite photo from Dragon*Con?

I took a pic of a Robin, Starfire, and Nightwing, and it was in an area where sometimes they banned photographs. I made a joke about that fact to them as I snapped the pic.

I just noticed in the background, a teeny "No photography" sign.

Laughing my ass off right now.

And I've also gotten so used to looking for myself in photos of the zombies, I started looking for myself...IN MY OWN PHOTOS. That only happened twice, because I let other people take two photos of me with people.


Photoblog: Dragon*Con Photos Begin!

I've gone through the first 70 or so photos, and the photo set is right over here, so you can check out what's there so far. Being only 70 photos deep, I've got a ways to go yet, but feel free to check out what's up so far, and keep an eye on what's coming.

I'll repost links when I'm all done.

The zombie photos have almost turned into a little story, and I am amused.