September 3rd, 2007

Bean me!

Mmm, Germs

*looks at the piece of leftover pizza which has become his breakfast*

Analyzing odds of it killing me... Odds low!


I need caffeine. >.< Couldn't find Dunkin' Donuts.

Burn the World

Hello, I Must be Going.

Well, Scott and Heather are checked out, and just hitting the dealer room before driving off. I've made one last run around the hotels on that off-chance someone is in costume, and was worth grabbing.

I loved seeing so many familiar faces this year, both those that I've just been snapping pictures of, and my old friends who were here this year. I loved making new friends, and seeing new things. I wish I could have more time to set aside and hang out with everyone for the time they deserve. Of course, if some of y'all came around IRC more often.. ;p

And that's all she wrote.

Or, all I wrote. And I'm not a she.


Photography Lad...AWAAAAAY!




(no subject)

And I'm onto the airplane! Home in fourish hours!

Fight looks to be on time, just waiting for the actual boarding call aaaany second now.



I is home.

My feet hurt...

*hides from every female he saw this past weekend, especially those in costumes*
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