September 2nd, 2007

Bean me!

And Now We Come to Day Four.

Or Day three of DCon itself.

Spent most of the afternoon with roguesamus and friends, there was much awesome to be had. They put up with my annoying presence well, thanks to the lot of them. ;)

I met Arthur "Marvel Zombies" Suydam! And got a zombie Jean sketch. =D It's just a headshot, but still wow.

Luke Ski did a great little performance at the Hyatt last night, I only wish it was longer.

Went to the Dawn contest, and it was pretty damned cool. Voltaire is an EXCELLENT host for that event. He has a dirty mind, and it fits the tone. ;) Rewatched it with the roomies later, so I could better see the costumes, and they were curious to see them.

Best thing so far is the *very* clear betterment of my photography skills. The extra year with the camera have definitely helped. Better seats at the big events helped too, and there will be no blurry, whited out shots of people on stage this year.

Now, to finish my coffee and hit the Hyatt concourse for another filktastic bit of music.


*victory boogies*

In the words of our President...

Well, a sign hanging behind our President...

Mission accomplished!
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Oh Yeah II

Anyone wanting to see my photo sneaks I've been posting all weekend, just swing by my Flickr page and see the latest. More quickies later, naturally, and the full batch will be up...eventually.

It takes time to process 650 photos, yeesh!