August 24th, 2007


Better Red

So, the "Redheads will soon be extinct" meme is floating around again, so I suppose I should address it, as ambassador to all things red haired...

These reports are simply variants of a very old thing, but mostly relating to blondes, and they've been quite debunked so far. I'm sure much of the same reasoning also applies to red hair.

And the slightly less mind numbing version on Snopes.

All these articles online say that National Geographic says so. I can't find any such article in NG. Get back to me when they actually do.

There will always be redheads!

I'll do my part!

Anyone wanna help? >.>


Dragon Condering

Hmm. I need to figure out what gatherings/photoshoots there're gonna be over the weekend, so I can figure out which ones I wanna point my camera lens at. I recall seeing a Marvel/DC group, and I think an X-Men one.