August 2nd, 2007



Here comes a metric assload of video links.

First up, a preview clip of Futurama from San Diego. I hope they get the FOX bashing out of their systems. ;)

Next, a show about the dangers of swords. Be sure to check out the second video too. Remember, swords are not just a decoration! They'll fucking cut you!

And because I must, here is your daily dose of an idiot blowing himself up!

From the "This guy is no David Blaine" department, a street magic trick goes horribly wrong, followed by a vanishing act.

To mix in some cuteness, watch as a raccoon steals a carpet. =)

And finally, the biggie... Ever wonder how many Starbucks there are in NYC? Well, the answer is 171. And this guy is going to try and visit every single one in the course of a day.

Viddy well!