July 26th, 2007


More Rachel Stuff.

It's Phoenix day, I guess. ;)

From an interview with Christopher Yost, writer of Emperor Vulcan:

"Will we be seeing any reaction from Rachel in regards to Cable's death (if he is dead) in 'Emperor Vulcan?' Since Rachel has a strong psi-bond with Nathan, she would instantly feel his death. Considering everything she's gone through to try to protect her 'baby brother,' she should be one of the characters most impacted by his death, shouldn't she?"

Rachel would absolutely be affected by Cable's death. He's her brother, and if she were aware of it, she'd be devastated. That being said ... we don't really know that Rachel would instantly feel his death. After all, how do you test that out? And given she's in a whole other galaxy, their link is strained as it is. But when she does learn of his death, I expect Rachel to react and act accordingly. Gambit and Sunfire better start running if she gets back is what I'm trying to say.


Lorna and Rachel are definitely going to bond, and drink. After all, the two hottest women in the Shi'ar empire have to stick together. Plus, they've both got man troubles. I lean toward non-stop action, but I try to take breaks for angst.


*rubs eyes*

I hate misreading things.

Upcoming book, "Doctor Who: the Nightmare of Black Island"

Totally misread as "Block Island". Which will only terrify one person on this list. Another one might get it too, though. ;)