July 11th, 2007


Censorship & Sensibility

Oh geeze, I just saw what could easily be said is censorship finally going WAY too far. I can defend, to a point, a lot of censoring of language and content on tv, but this...

I caught a few moments of a bad Scifi Channel movie (Quick, name a good one, that wasn't a miniseries!), and they blurred out a tiny portion of the screen. I looked confusedly for a moment, wondering what they were editing out, because the area was most strange. And then I saw smoke, and realised what it was, when the blurry dot went away.

They were editing out some kid smoking. Now, I assume it was a joint, but *still*.

That's just...wow, I'm amazed.


Photoblog Addendum

Sorta. Not so much a picture I took myself, but an image I did capture, because it's illustrative.

I figured my last post would be aided with a screencap, so I grabbed the image from the DVD I made for my parents to watch before going to bed later in the week.
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