July 10th, 2007



eureka: phoenix rising (#201)
[2nd season premiere]

Well, now I *have* to watch. ;)

Not that I wasn't before...


Originally targeted for Wednesday, July 4, the two-episode broadcast [Of Drive] was then shifted to Friday, July 13. Now said installments have been shelved for good ("The previously announced DRIVE episodes are no longer scheduled to air," notes the release).


The Thompsons?

Yeah! Suck it, Illinois!!

A last-minute entry wound up the winner in the competition to host The Simpsons Movie premiere.

Springfield, Vt., beat out 13 other Springfields across the country that entered the Hometown Movie Challenge. Twentieth Century Fox studio asked them to create a video showing their enthusiasm for The Simpsons. Videos were posted on USA TODAY's website, where readers voted for their favorite.