July 7th, 2007


Comics Next Week

Annihilation Conquest Wraith #1
Countdown #42
Deadpool GLI Summer Fun Spectacular
Exiles Vol 3 #96
Fables #63
Freshmen Vol 2 #6 Cvr B Rodolfo Migliari
Green Lantern Vol 4 #21 Regular Ivan Reis Cover
Justice Society Of America Vol 3 #7 Regular Alex Ross Cover
New Excalibur #21
Nova Vol 4 #4
Omega Flight #4
Punisher War Journal Vol 2 #9
Shadowpact #15
Stormwatch PHD #9
Superman Vol 3 #664
Toyfare #121 Simpsons Movie Figure Cvr
World War Hulk Gamma Corps #1
X-Factor Vol 3 #21



Well, my lack of surprise is huge.

"The final filmed episodes of Tim Minear’s “Drive” will not be airing this Friday the 13th after all."

I pretty much said when the series was pulled way back when, that they'd say they were airing the remaining episodes, schedule them, move them, then never air them anyways.

And here we are...


Dear Michael Bay,

And friends.

I was worried.

When you had Optimus Prime say that the Autobots could speak English by studying the world wide web, I had big time fears of just what English they would be speaking.

Fortunately, no one said "LOL" or "WTF" or anything in 'leet.

And there was much rejoicing.