July 2nd, 2007



Another sad couple of months of attendance for #SubCafe, and I'm leaning ever closer to closing the place down, and rolling it in with #Comicbooks. If I'm gonna have dead channels, I may as well make them one, to try and get the few people who do come around into one place and make things more robust. ;p

So, as a reminder, here's the 'official' chat times for now, to get together and whatever.

Most of y'all know, but for those who don't and want to come hang out, these are on IRC, on the DALnet network.

#SubCafe, for the fanfic crowd, and the old gang, is Saturdays starting around 9 eastern.

#Comicbooks, for the obvious people, has it's weekly gathering on Thursdays at 9. That's a good time for spoilery talk of the week's books, IMO, for those with their books, and for those who want a sneak peak before going to the store themselves.

And while these are my picks for the official chat times, I'm in both places all the time, and others are wandering in and out all the time, so people are welcome to swing by any day, any time, and say hi and chat. The official times are likely to have more folks, though.

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