May 11th, 2007


Fump Pump

A bunch of filkers, including Tom Smith, the Great Luke Ski, Worm Quartet, Johnathan Coulton and many more have teamed up and formed the Funny Music Project, or the FuMP. They release a new funny song on every Tuesday and Thursday in various formats and qualities.

They've had a good mix of parodies and original songs, and I've just been looking for a good excuse to share the love, and remember to share as well.

This week I finally remember, because I wanted to share Luke Ski's latest, the Man From Dunder, spoofing the Office, and a parody of Men at Work's "Land Down Under"

Enjoy, check back often!

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    the great Luke Ski - Man From Dunder

Aiiieeee Sight

I hate my vision sometimes.

"Hey, what are you playing with, cat?"


"...Oh, I see. it's a DEAD FRELLING MOUSE!!"

I don't have an issue with mice, or with recently deceased things, but the surprise? Not fun. And, y'know, almost having your nose at it before realising what the thing is...


Reverse Psychology

Seeing how a few people (Reflecting how many I've seen, not saying it's a minority opinion) are getting a bit annoyed at the Adam Hughes designed Mary Jane statue, I decided to go in the complete opposite direction and share...

The 15 hottest women in comics.

All in good fun. =)